18 Feb 2014

The Orangery in The Walled Garden 2013

                                  The Orangery in the Walled Garden at Abbotsford
One of the most iconic walks at Abbotsford,leading from the Morris Garden up to The Orangery.
The Orangery has been called so, for many years and after reading the report from Historic Scotland there's still seems to be some confusion as to what it's name actually is.It has been referred to as The Conservatory,Greenhouse Peach and Flower House,we say it has been all these things over the years,a definite display area of what's the "trend of the time,we like The Orangery - sounds Romantic. With a view to its' future after much needed restoration, we see it as a beautiful centre piece in The Walled Garden. It is in itself a rare example of a Gothic Conservatory and there's only one other known.(in Fife,Scotland). We as gardeners see it as a fantastic opportunity to use it in so many ways. It will become a multi-functional working space which will bring it back into a more positive and dynamic use,in keeping with its historical character.It shall be the centre piece it needs to be and re-inventing it in lots of ways will suit the working needs and aesthetics of the Walled Garden.
It is the perfect Wedding photographic spot , a beautiful place to sit quietly and read or view the house and gardens or perhaps eat your lunch there.Inside at present we have one of the new wooden benches for you to relax on especially crafted for us by Tom Buckly,who has hand carved Sir Walter Scotts' initials into the back which makes them unique to Abbotsford.
Our aim is to create a beautiful space in there with perhaps a small area where you can watch us organise the cut flowers before they are taken up to the Visitor Centre for you or to the house to adorn the many rooms there.